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ARSENALIA and GPA join forces in Anda, the new strategic impetus in the distribution of the SAP offer

Venice, 22th April 2020 – The corporate groups ARSENALIA and GPA strengthen the collaboration between CCelera and on the market, joining forces in Anda. Anda is proposed as an open ecosystem in which the interconnection between its centres of excellence makes its offer wide and global, while ensuring the commitment, flexibility, expertise and care of a trusted consultant. An agile structure, ideal for guiding companies towards a constantly changing global scenario.

Anda is an partner for the entire SAP solution portfolio. A wide offer which encompasses the ERP and Digital Core areas, Digital Supply Chain, CRM and Customer Experience, HR and People Engagement, Network and Spend Management, Digital Platform. With 230 consultants, 180 existing customers and the international presence of its partners, Anda offers itself as a centre of competence regarding the delivery of digital transformation projects, as well a single maintenance centre, active 24/7 for the whole offer.

The willing to manage the relation between companies as a collaboration, capable of triggering a virtuous circle of best practices which can satisfy both the clients and the partners, is one of the key values for Anda.
Giovanni Marta, Partner at ARSENALIA, says: “We’ve been sharing a set of core values with GPA for some time now, we’ve therefore decided to join forces in this open initiative, in order to replicate on a large scale the good practices that we have strengthened on the market to date”.
Massimo Cremonini, Head of GPA, says: “We have always been convinced that the unification of competence centres can provide our customers with value increasing over time, which is why we believe Anda project is a real strategic asset, capable of developing the value of two Groups such as ARSENALIA and GPA”.

ARSENALIA is a constantly evolving corporate group which combines independent world-class companies by promoting their individual development and uniqueness. The strength of the group is expressed in the continuous and fruitful contamination of ideas, which accompanies businesses along a progressive and constant growth made up of valuable experiences. The companies of the ARSENALIA group manage complex projects with an extremely important technological part in the areas concerning People, Customer and Enterprise, strategic HR consulting, Sales & Marketing, Tax & Legal and multichannel creative communication, adoption and change management. To date, these companies are present in Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK.

For GPA Group innovation means knowing the characteristics of its customers, assessing the best consultants and being able to choose the appropriate methods to ensure the expected results, following the relentless change of the rules imposed by the international socio-economic model, which is why the proposals are solutions that can fully meet the needs of the business regarding architecture, functionality and return on investment. The task of GPA Group is simplifying complexity: designing, implementing and maintaining ICT services and solutions capable of managing and facilitating the control of companies’ information processes, including and internalizing their business model. Thus was born the GPA Group philosophy, which develops in the slogan “Connecting Minds”, precisely because People are the focus of our work.

Anda contact
Barbara Battaglioni
+39 335 7894348